Viruses & Malware

Nothing slows down and destroys a computer system like pernicious malware, spyware and destructive viruses. We’re here to rid you of them.

Protecting Gloucester’s computers

You deserve to benefit from Gloucester Computer Services Ltd’s malware protection and virus removal package. We will ensure all your computers and systems are fully protected from the latest viruses and also rid any existing ones lurking on your PCs.


100% protection

We update our malware protection software constantly, so you can ensure your defence shield is always up to protect your data.

Business protection

We offer support to businesses and homes looking for a reliable virus removal service. We’ll try and do it without losing any of your work.

Looking for a comprehensive school system service?

One of our specialities is working alongside local education establishments and helping them with their IT solutions. Why not drop us a line and see if we can help create your next generation of computer literates?

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